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Graduate Engineering Management Program


The Master of Engineering Management (MEngM) program allows students to study topics in planning, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities that have an engineering or technological component. Students will also learn to apply engineering principles in organizing and directing technical projects and how to manage the people within them.

The MEngM program is focused on course-based learning, sometimes accompanied by a major project. The program provides courses in the areas of engineering project management, production planning and operations management, energy systems management, mathematical modelling and optimization (as they pertain to complex engineering systems), quality control, health and safety, and applied risk analysis.

Objectives of graduate degree programs

There are several objectives that are common to our graduate programs:
  • Depth — To provide students with an in-depth understanding of the knowledge required for the practice of, or for further advanced study in, their chosen field, including the engineering and scientific principles, analysis techniques and design methodologies. The studies are focused and scholarly, and at an advanced level.
  • Breadth — To provide students with the broad and advanced education necessary for productive careers in the public or private sectors and in academia.
  • Professionalism — To develop skills necessary for clear communication and responsible teamwork and leadership, and to inspire professional attitudes and ethics, so that students are prepared for modern work environments and for lifelong learning.

We strive to provide a learning environment that enables students to pursue their goals through graduate programs that are rigorous, challenging and supportive, that promote scholarship, and that facilitate discovery, application, integration and innovation.

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